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TorrentRatioKeeper allows you to increase your torrent ratio and keep it as high as you want
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11 April 2009

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Torrent utilities are known within the web community for their ability to perform downloading movies, music, and games easily. Torrent files when loaded with applications like BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc, start downloading music, movie, or other associated content file on your PC using various trackers. Besides, sometimes you find that the downloading process is going on at a slower pace, taking considerable amount of time in downloading. Well, in such case either you can try and learn to be more patient or else go for a better solution, which has been rendered to you in the form of TorrentRatioKeeper 2.3. It’s a great utility that facilitates you in raising your torrent ratio keeping it higher, as per your preferences. The program even lets you configure the increase settings for every tracker to ensure faster download without installing any additional program.

To improve the speed of file downloading, TorrentRatioKeeper proves to be a worth using tool. The application’s main screen is well-designed to make it easy for users to navigate through. For increasing the torrent ratio and configuring increase settings for trackers, you can add tracker or just run Torrent Client from where the program detect and queue up all the trackers. As soon as a tracker is listed you can alter its settings using the right pane. The right panel comprises of Auto Settings that allows setting the increase level of uploaded traffic and downloaded traffic, along with which you can even select a Torrent Client from the provided list. Further, the listed trackers can be edited, deleted or selected, if needed, and also support Statistics tab that presents the graphical view of selected trackers and history type. As it begins functioning to improve the download speed, the progress and effects of queued up trackers is displayed with detail like Tracker Domain, Tracker Settings, Real Uploaded/With Keeper, etc. Moreover, the program can be configured to run with windows startup, start minimized, minimize to tray, and minimize on close.

TorrentRatioKeeper 2.3 is compatible to work with different Torrent Clients, including BitTorrent, BitComet, uTorrent, Vuze and BitLord. The utility is allotted 3.5 rating points for its efficient performance and incredible set of functions.

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TorrentRatioKeeper allows you to increase your torrent ratio and keep it as high as you want. You can set increase settings for each tracker! Than higher will be your torrent ratio, than more seeds you will get. This way you can download faster and no need to buy any additional software. It supports BitTorrent, uTorrent, BitComet, BitLord and Vuze torrent clients.
Version 2.3
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Very nice program. It really works!
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